The Panhellenic Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science is Hellas’s foremost event in the field of Solid-state Physics and Materials Science, since it is held the last 35 years having attracted a large number of scientists from Hellas and abroad. This annual event brings together the Greeks and foreign scientists with people from industry aiming to strengthen the interactions among the scientific communities of Solid-state Physics and Materials Science. More than 200 scientists in the field of Physics, Mechanics, Materials Science, Chemistry and Biology are participating every year from Hellas and Europe,

The conference is addressing the following topics:

  • Electronics, photonics and optoelectronics

  • Structural-dynamical and mechanical properties of condensed matter

  • Strongly correlated systems, magnetism & superconductivity

  • Surfaces, nanomaterials and low-dimensional materials & systems

  • Polymers, organic materials and biomaterials

  • Ceramics, composites, minerals and metals

  • Interdisciplinary solid state physics and devices